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So far this game seems fun.  Although, I notice that whenever I fall into the black bottom, there's is simply a black shape around my vision.  I feel like the level should reset, but nothing happens.  I'm just stuck with limited vision.  Is there not a way to restart the level without having to restart the .exe?  Want to play more, but it makes it difficult.

Hello, MrJingles, we're sorry to hear that you've encountered this glitch. This is actually a known bug that can be solved by either skipping the first level, or by not falling down. However, we are also planning on uploading a fixed, more expanded version  of Idol Run tonight, if you don't mind waiting. Thanks for playing!

Ah, so it's just the first level.  I appreciate the reply.  Congratz on the game.  Also impressed to hear you're still working on it.  I'd be down for playing the new version.  Best of luck to everyone's future gaming involvement!

The new version is up now! We'd love to know what you think!

Really enjoyed my play through, worth the quick download for anyone browsing through VR games/demos. The controls were smooth, climbing was fun, and flinging myself across chasms was even better. Great effort of a VR game over the course of a weekend. 

For the next VR game you ( or you all ) work on, please consider giving the player the ability to swipe left or right to rotate themselves 90 degrees! I play in more of a rectangular area, so in the beginning of the first jungle level I was running with my body facing the only wall in my play area.

Thanks for playing our game, James! Swiping to rotate the player is a great idea, since this game requires lots of turning and swinging, that would be an excellent way to make sure players don't destroy their room!

Tried to run the game but when the window runs it shows nothing, just a blank screen.  I waited for something to load but nothing happens.

Hello Fellowplayer,

This is a VR game specifically built for HTC Vive. I am currently updating the description now to detail that.