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You unknowingly captured one of my pastimes in game form and that's amazing! It has a few, what I thought to be, minor issues, but overall I quite enjoyed my time with it! The page here mentions that you can look around while aiming and that wasn't something that I picked up on while in the game and was one of my bigger criticisms that it was difficult to see where the sight was going when it went offscreen, and since I was unaware of it I can't really speak to its efficacy. As for the art and atmosphere, you absolutely nailed it! Glorious glowing neon space ship and grey metal galore! Maybe a little too much bloom in places but it was never distracting. The level design was pretty solid and did a good job of teaching the basics up until the last level, which I understand was supposed to be the final challenge, but it didn't end up drawing my attention in the right places which led to some frustrations in "where the hell am I going and what am I doing to get there?" It was only for a single level, but it was a substantial amount of the playtime. With some expansion on the established concepts, a bit more visual refinement and tweaking the later level design I can see this being somehting truly fantastic! But as it is, it's still pretty damn great!

Thanks so much for playing and critiquing! We'll definitely take what you said into account. Level 2 is definitely overwhelming, and although I tried to section off areas a bit, there's definitely a  lot more that can be done in regards to direction. Thanks again for the criticisms!